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What to Do After a Fire: Safety Tips

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A house fire can be one of the most distressing, catastrophic events any homeowner can experience. Once firefighters leave the scene, knowing how to proceed can be nerve-wracking. With a fraction of your home intact, knowing what to do after a fire is the make-or-break factor in your home’s complete recovery.

When disaster strikes, calling the right restoration services team is one of the most crucial steps, homeowners can take to recover from house fires. Premier fire damage restoration in Los Angeles by Restorerz Emergency Services ensures that your home receives exceptional care within an hour of disaster. We’re committed to returning your home to its former glory and giving your family peace of mind.

Eight Steps to Take Right After the Fire

These eight steps are critical actions after a house fire.

1. Check in with Family and Friends

The first thing you should do in the event of a fire is to ensure all your loved ones within the home get out safe. While maintaining physical safety is essential, understanding the emotional component of recovering from this traumatic experience is also vital.

Knowing what to do after a fire can be highly stressful and unclear. Thus, checking in with and recruiting loved ones for emotional support might be one of your best decisions. Family and friends can provide invaluable love and resources to help you get through this challenging time; lean on your loved ones.

2. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Promptly contacting your insurance provider gives you the best chance of filing an effective claim. Not only will a timely report reflect the legitimacy of this disaster, but learning what your policies cover will also help you move forward. 

Many house fire insurance policies include provisions for damaged household items and possessions and provide financial support for basic needs during the restoration period. Never delay investigating the extent of your policies.

No Insurance? Seek Non-Profit Organizations or Legal Counsel

Most homeowners have insurance, but some do not. If this is your situation, seek the help of non-profit organizations, charities, and even legal counsel. If the fire was not your fault, a lawyer might be able to negotiate some assistance for your restoration.

3. Determine if Your Home Is Safe to Enter

To understand what your restoration process requires, you’ll need to assess the damages. Before inspecting your property, it’s crucial to check with emergency responders and see if it’s safe to enter your home. If structural or smoke damage is too significant, the environment may not be secure.

4. Figure Out Whether or Not Your Home Is Salvageable

Assessing the state of your home is a critical step that will play a significant role in the rest of your restoration process. Fires can immediately cause structural damage that might negate the salvageability of your property.

However, even when the structure remains intact, smoke and water damage can threaten your home’s ability to recover after the fact. Calling professional restoration services like Restorerz is crucial to receiving a complete diagnosis of the damage done to your home.

5. Safely Inspect and Assemble Possessions

After entering your home and assessing the damages, it’s time to start assembling the valuables that made it through the fire. Although it’s demoralizing to see your possessions burnt and damaged by a fire, it might surprise you to learn that many items that seem past the point of no return could be restorable.

Calling professionals to inspect your valuables is essential. While you might believe your possessions are beyond repair, a professional understands restoration processes that could help bring even severely damaged items back to life.

6. Check with a Professional to Salvage and Restore Valuables

Once you’ve received an evaluation of your valuables from a Restorerz professional, enlist them to refurbish your belongings and bring them back to their prior condition. Although some possessions might not make it through this process, many of the tools technicians at Restorerz use have the potential to bring back some of your most prized possessions. Before throwing anything away out of frustration, give your valuables the chance to return.

7. Find a Safe, Comfortable Place for the Duration of the Restoration

It’s been a long day of evaluating home damage and working with professionals to assess the post-disaster state. You want to lay your head down for a good rest.

Unfortunately, it’s clear that you probably won’t be sleeping in your bed tonight. Perhaps one of the most essential steps in learning what to do after a fire is to find a suitable, temporary dwelling for the duration of the restoration process.

Family and friends might provide a more social, supportive reprieve that offers creature comforts and emotional support. However, if you have a big family, this may not be an option.

Check if your insurance provides vouchers or coverage for hotels and basic needs during this time. While you might not have these provisions in your policies, many disaster relief organizations work to provide families in these situations relief. It’s essential to lean on your community during this time, many of whom might be going through a similar experience if the fire was a natural disaster.

8. Remain Hopeful and Positive About Restoration Work

Overall, one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family is to remain positive during this period of restoration and disaster relief. Maintaining a healthy attitude about the potential for rehabilitation will make this challenging period much more tolerable. While this is likely a difficult time, our restoration professionals at Restorerz commit to working tirelessly to restore balance to your family’s life. 

Fire Damage Restoration You Can Count on with Restorerz

If you’re unsure what to do after a fire, call Southern California’s premier restoration services– Restorerz. You’ll know what you need to do after damage with the help and guidance of our experienced professionals. Call (323) 970-4761 today.

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