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What Happens in a Fire Damage Repair Process?

Recovering from a fire isn’t over once the flames and smoke are gone. Fire damage repair is a multi-step process that helps manage the aftermath of the event. Repairs must begin immediately or there may be even more damage; for example, water left behind from firefighting efforts can cause mold and more severe structural damage. At Restorerz, we follow an organized approach to repairing any home or business impacted by a fire, which includes:

Initial Assessment

Being available 24/7 enables us to reach your home, day or night. As soon as the fire is extinguished, we’ll assess the extent of the damage and create a restoration plan. We’ll determine whether carpenters, plumbers, roofers, or other professionals are needed. 

The trained eyes of our technicians help determine if a warped floor is water-damaged or if electrical wiring or the foundation were affected. The extent of smoke, soot, and water damage is determined. All damage is documented and recorded for insurance purposes.

Safety Precautions

Any areas deemed unsafe will be isolated and blocked off. This protects your family and also protects you from liability should anyone be injured in your fire-damaged home. Safety measures include boarding off your property, adding tarps to damaged roofs, installing temporary fencing, and providing bracing to stabilize structurally unsound areas.

Water Extraction

Firefighters’ hoses may have been running for hours, or your sprinkler system may have unleashed a torrent of water. Fires can also damage plumbing systems so ruptured pipes can be a problem. Our fire damage repair team works quickly to get rid of standing water. We’ll use fans, dehumidifiers, and air movers to dry out your home, prevent mold, and avoid worse damage, while furniture, flooring, drywall, upholstery, and other items are salvaged if possible

Cleaning and Debris Removal

If any furniture or construction materials are irreparably damaged, we will remove and discard them. Smoke- and soot-damaged walls, floors, ceilings, and windows will be cleaned and disinfected (even if they are in areas not directly impacted by the blaze). We also employ specialized equipment to get rid of foul smoke odors. Badly damaged structural elements are demolished, and we’ll determine what we can repair or restore.

Fire Damage Repair

Everything damaged by fire, smoke, soot, water, etc. is fixed by our skilled repair professionals. The process may require installing new flooring, removing and replacing drywall, replacing windows and doors, and fixing or replacing your roof. Plumbing and electrical repairs may be required as well. Our team may also help lay new carpeting, repaint your home, and clean and restore your air ducts.

How Long Does Fire Damage Repair Take?

We can estimate the timeline during our evaluation. Minor repairs can take a few days, but resolving more extensive smoke, soot, and water damage can take longer. The larger your property, the longer the process might take. Also, the fire department must inspect your property before repairs can begin, and scheduling an appointment can take time.

Why Choose Restorerz

We are considered the #1 fire damage repair and restoration company in Los Angeles. Numerous 5-star reviews back that up, but our 24/7 availability, prompt service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee mean we are always ready to take on the toughest jobs. Our team is trained in numerous areas of expertise and has the knowledge, tools, and equipment to fully restore your property after a devastating fire. For competitive pricing and fire and smoke restoration service in 60 minutes or less, call 323-973-1055.

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