how to maximize water damage claim

How To Maximize Your Water Damage Claim

Get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance by working with Restorerz Emergency Services.

Restorerz Emergency Services is the premier water damage restoration in Los Angeles. We have helped our customers through countless stressors, from floods and storms to burst pipes and sewage leaks. Let us show you how to maximize water damage claim amounts when you file a claim.

Start Early

When customers call an emergency restoration company, their priority is usually the safety of their family, their valuables, and precious heirlooms. They tend not to consider the insurance claim until after the remediation company contains the damage. This often leaves money on the table.

Restorerz Emergency Services can work with your insurance company to accurately report the damage and increase the amount of money you receive from your insurance claim. Remediation services can be complicated, and mistakes on the claims form could delay the processing of your claim or reduce its value. 

For example, some homeowner policies will cover storm damage but not damage from flooding. Others will cover damage from burst pipes within the home but not backups from the municipal sewer system. 

Our experience with homeowners insurance and flood insurance policies has taught us what a policy will or will not cover. We can help you present your case to the insurance company in a way that raises your chances of a higher payout.

What to Do When You Have Water Damage

When you discover water damage in your home, you must think and act quickly. 

If the damage is due to a storm. fire, flood, or earthquake, you might have to evacuate or take other steps to protect your safety. If a sewage backup or broken pipe is the cause, however, you might have to tackle it to contain the damage and prevent the spread of mold and bacteria. 

In stressful situations, it helps to have a plan in place ahead of time so that you don’t have to choose between your safety and your insurance claim. Take the following steps to protect yourself as you determine how to maximize water damage claim amounts:

Understand the Details of Your Insurance Policy

The terms of your insurance policy are likely daunting, but reading and understanding them could save you thousands of dollars when disaster strikes. Examine the coverage limits for each type of damage and identify any exclusions from coverage. 

If the coverage seems inadequate to your needs or if you don’t understand anything about the policy, ask your insurance provider to explain the details of the policy. Feel free to make changes to your policy if needed. 

Look Out for Water Damage Risks

Many insurance claims for water damage result from situations that homeowners can prevent or mitigate if they catch the problem in time. The following preventative measures can put you in a better position when negotiating with your insurance company:

  • Winterize your home to prevent damage from burst or leaky pipes
  • Inspect pipes, water heaters, and other parts of the plumbing system for leaks and corrosion
  • Know how to shut off your water in the event of a leak
  • Maintain your HVAC system to reduce the risk of fire

Take Pictures of the Damage

When you sustain water damage, your insurance company will expect you to document the destruction. 

Once you are safe, shut off the water main to prevent further damage if a leak is the culprit. Next, take pictures of any structures or possessions that need repair or replacement as part of water damage restoration. These actions will prove to the insurance company that the damage occurred and demonstrate that you acted responsibly in preventing damage.

What To Do When You Submit a Claim

The insurance claim submission process often seems as complex as the policy. Insurance companies will use mistakes or details from your claims form to deny or reduce coverage. Here’s some advice on giving yourself the best chance of success:

Submit Claims Within the Time Frame That Your Insurance Company Requires

Knowing how to maximize water damage claim amounts often means knowing how to play by the insurance company’s rules. Learn how long you have after the date of the incident to file a claim.

Have Someone in Your Corner

If your case is complex, hire a professional with knowledge of homeowner’s insurance to assist you with the claims process. Public adjusters and insurance attorneys charge for their services, but their understanding of how to maximize insurance claim awards can yield rewards that outweigh the cost.

Be Mindful When Describing The Incident Timeframe

Insurance companies can deny your claim if you wait too long to submit it. For this reason, be careful that you do not inadvertently undermine your claim by listing a date that is too early. Instead, use the date corresponding to when you first discovered the damage.

Retain Documentation From the Water Damage Restoration Company

Insurance companies expect documentation from plumbers, restoration companies, and other professionals to support the claim application. Do not use contractors who want cash payments and refuse to provide documentation if you plan to submit a claim. Your chance of approval goes down if you can’t back up your claim. 

Choose Restorerz Emergency Services for Damage Restoration

Restorerz Emergency Services will help you document our work and provide an honest account of our services to your insurance company to increase the chance of approval.

Like many localities in California, disasters on small and large scales frequently happen in Los Angeles. The team of restoration experts at Restorerz Emergency Services wants you to prepare yourself for any disaster. As a public service, we provide helpful information to our community, like this list of things to do after a fire. We proudly help our neighbors learn how to maximize water damage claim payouts.

If you want to learn more about disaster preparedness or need assistance dealing with fire, water, sewage, or mold damage following a disaster, contact us at (323) 973-2076. We offer 24/7 service, guarantee customer satisfaction, and work with all insurance companies. 

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