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Tips for Finding a Mold Company Near You

Mold is ugly and smelly and can do significant damage to your home. It’s also a serious health hazard. It can cause flu-like symptoms and be especially harmful to those with respiratory illnesses. Therefore, due diligence is a must when finding a mold remediation company. Restorerz is here to help with your mold situation. But if you’ve never hired a professional, here are tips for finding the best mold company near you.

Speak to a Representative on the Phone

The representative or inspector should listen carefully to what you’re dealing with and ask questions to better understand your situation. They may be able to provide advice over the phone. If they’re communicative and informative, that’s a good sign. But not every problem can be resolved over the phone; ask to schedule an inspection if the person on the other end of the line doesn’t bring it up.

In-Home Inspection

The contractor should evaluate the problem in person. An inspection may come at an extra cost, but it helps to know where the mold is, the type that’s present, and how much of it you’re dealing with. Mold and indoor air quality testing may be performed to fully assess the issue. 

The inspector may use tape and swab sampling techniques. When taking air samples, at least three samples should be taken. All samples will then be sent to a lab to be analyzed. Once the results are in, the inspector should explain your options, create a plan, and work with your budget.

Get a Price Quote

Mold inspectors and remediators price their services in different ways. Ask for a quote and what is included. With mold remediation, you get what you pay for. An experienced, detail-oriented inspector will charge a fee commensurate with their quality of service. Inspectors charge for their time, expertise, mold sampling, air quality and surface testing, and reporting. Some consider the size of your home when determining what to charge.

Ask About Reporting Practices

A mold inspector should provide a detailed report of their findings. You might receive a verbal summary if there are no significant issues. But check into the type of report the contractor will give you. A detailed inspection should be followed by a written report. Software is often used to generate reports, so the process is quick and easy for the inspector.

Review the Mold Inspector’s Qualifications

Inquire about the type of training the inspector has. They should have certifications in mold inspection and infrared technology, experience with building envelope science, and the appropriate training. A highly qualified inspector is also certified in water damage restoration. If they are certified with the IICRC (Institute of Cleaning, Restoration and Certification), that is a bonus.

Ability to Address Moisture Problems

A mold problem can’t be fully resolved unless your moisture problem is fixed. If the environment remains damp, the mold will grow back. The mold company near you should be connected with professionals and organizations that can address leaks and other plumbing issues. The mold inspector shouldn’t start moving heavy furniture and opening up walls. These tasks are for a different professional they can refer you to. Ask if they’re affiliated with other restoration experts/companies.

They Are Properly Equipped

Ask the inspector what they use to diagnose and confirm issues. They should be equipped with a flashlight, moisture meter, infrared camera, hygrometer, and air quality testing equipment. Extensive training in using testing equipment is required for a mold remediation specialist or inspector to do their job right.

Assess Their Reputation

Reputation means everything in the home services industry. Start by checking online reviews. Customers tend to be highly verbal on the web about their experiences with mold remediation companies. You can ask someone in your family, or a friend or neighbor, about a company they used. Or, contact the company directly and ask for references. These methods can help evaluate its quality of service before you hire them.

Contact Restorerz: The Best Mold Company Near You

As a leading emergency restoration company in Southern California, Restorerz will be glad to answer all your questions. We specialize in mold remediation, water damage repair, and many other services to help clients deal with emergencies. Our team is available 24/7 and serves the entire Los Angeles area. Request service online or call (323) 970-4761 and we can be at your home in 60 minutes or less.

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