Why Should I Call a Los Angeles Mold Removal Professional?

Do you often have a runny nose and sinus congestion at home? Is it often difficult to breathe, or do you cough or have throat irritation? The reason might be mold, especially if you notice musty smells, excess moisture, or discolored patches growing and spreading on walls and ceilings. Many people think mold is easy to clean up. But here, we’ll explain why you should hire a Los Angeles mold removal professional to take care of it.

A Proper Assessment of the Problem

The cause of mold is often not where it’s growing. For example, if your air conditioner is cooling your home too quickly, it might turn off before removing enough humidity from the air. Mold may be growing inside air vents aside from on the walls or ceiling. In that case, you can wipe away what you see, but the mold hidden in the vents and ducts will continue growing. 

However, a professional will look in the right places and recommend actions to eliminate the problem and prevent mold spores from spreading throughout your home.

A Professional Will Follow the Right Steps for Mold Remediation

A licensed technician won’t require any guesswork. They have the knowledge and tools to determine the type of mold in your home and the scope of the moisture problem. The process typically involves:

  • Sealing off the mold (with plastic sheeting)
  • Implementing the proper humidity control measures
  • Physically removing the mold without damaging underlying surfaces
  • Cleaning up equipment or debris after removing the mold

Advanced Air Cleaning Methods Can Be Used

Physically removing mold from its source isn’t always enough. If any mold spores remain, they can settle and recolonize. Technicians can use equipment such as air scrubbers with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration technology. Air exchange equipment that replaces moldy air with fresh air can be used, or negative air machines can be employed for larger-scale mold problems.

Future Issues Can Be Avoided

If any mold is left behind, it’ll continue to grow and spread. But a Los Angeles mold removal professional will fully address the situation to avoid future problems. You won’t have to call back a repair technician or purchase additional products. And to save you money in the long run, they can provide tips on properly ventilating your home, sealing windows and doors, and fixing leaky pipes and roofs.

Costly Repairs Can Be Avoided

Professional mold remediation doesn’t only help you save by preventing additional mold. It can also avoid expensive home repairs. Mold can do a great deal of damage to carpets, furniture, and building materials. A proper clean-up avoids such issues and eliminates toxic substances mold can release into the air and get you sick (therefore, you save on home repairs and medical bills).

Professionals Do a Thorough Job

To eradicate the problem and restore your home, a contractor can take the following steps:

  • Remove porous building materials that have been affected, including drywall, baseboards, and insulation. 
  • Use antimicrobial and other chemicals to take care of remaining mold or mold stains. 
  • Increase a vulnerable area’s resistance to water damage and mold with a sealer or encapsulant.

How Long Does Professional Mold Remediation Take?

The process should take one to three days. While the work may be extensive and disruptive, be sure the mold professional doesn’t try to upsell unnecessary testing and other services you don’t need. Look for clear explanations of the work required and what methods and equipment will be used. Evaluate the professional’s experience in the field as well.

Call Restorerz for Los Angeles Mold Removal

Restorerz – Emergency Services is one of Southern California’s most trusted emergency restoration companies. We provide high-quality, professional mold remediation services. Our IIRC-certified team performs an inspection and loss assessment, contains affected areas, removes affected materials, treats what’s salvageable, and then performs a mold clearance test to ensure your home is mold-free. We help with the entire clean-up, repair, and construction process. 

For service in 60 minutes or less, with competitive pricing, request help online or call (323) 591-5531.

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