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Why Is Board Up Service So Important?

It’s not uncommon to see homes impacted by weather, fire, water damage, vehicle accidents, or other events boarded up. Offering protection, board up service is also an important part of the restoration process. Whether your windows are broken or intact, it has numerous benefits, including:

Storm Protection

During a hurricane or windstorm, impacts by debris or the force of the wind can shatter windows. Shards of glass and debris can then enter your home, Wind can also do major damage indoors. It can put pressure on the walls and roof, potentially compromising the structure of your home. Boarding up the windows provides a high degree of protection and can save money later.

Your Insurance Company Will Appreciate It

Boarding up your home protects it against further damage. The reduced risk means an insurance company is less likely to have to pay out more. Without additional protection, there’s a chance an insurance company can refuse to cover the damage or may even drop your coverage.

Protection After a Fire

The heat from a fire can shatter and destroy windows. That means whatever is left is vulnerable to rain, hot or cold temperatures, and other elements. Board up service protects what remains and allows you to get started with the rebuilding or restoration process.

Protection After Vehicle Impacts

Vehicle accidents most often happen on roads. But they can damage homes when a car veers off a street and hits a structure. The results often include shattered windows and broken walls. Boards can cover up damaged areas and protect the rest of your home until it can be repaired.

Deterrence of Vandalism and Theft

When your home is damaged, it is an easy target for vandals and thieves. Intruders can cause even more damage and loss. Plus, if they are injured while in the building, there could be liability issues. Boarding up provides a strong seal and layer of protection, so you can restore your home without worrying about criminals.

Protection of Vacant Properties

Whether a property is foreclosed, abandoned, or vacant for some other reason, broken windows can lead to additional damage and put the site at risk of vandalism. This can reduce property value and deter potential buyers. Boarding up can retain the value and appeal of an unoccupied building, and buy time—it protects the property until it is repaired or sold.

Board up service is an effective preventative measure. Even when your home or business is in harm’s way or has been structurally compromised, it protects the building until the danger has passed or restoration is completed. Boarding up can save your property and significantly reduce long-term costs. You want a skilled professional to seal up vulnerable entry points including doors and windows, which is why you can count on Restorerz.

Schedule Board Up Services with Restorerz

Restorerz is trusted for professional board up services throughout Los Angeles. We provide board up and tarp services no matter what caused the damage. Available 24/7, we can respond in 1 hour or less in emergencies and our IICRC-certified experts will get to work. We even offer deductible assistance and collaborate with your insurance company. To get started, contact us online or call 323-826-5977.

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