What to Know About Insurance Pack Out in Englewood

You’ll need to pack out belongings affected by water damage, mold, or fire. A restoration company like Restorerz will move furniture, electronics, storage, artwork, etc., to a secure, climate-controlled facility. Our staff will carefully handle and secure your personal belongings. We’re also approved to work with all insurance companies. Therefore, an approved restoration company is the one to call for an insurance pack out in Englewood, the Los Angeles area, and Southern California.

What Does the Restoration Company Do?

To find a company that provides high-quality pack-out services, look for one that will:

  • Send representatives to inspect the damage to your home and determine which items can be salvaged.
  • Document the damage to each item to help estimate losses and file an insurance claim.
  • Present authorization forms for you to review and sign so the pack-out process can begin.
  • Transport damaged and salvageable belongings to a facility where they can be cleaned, deodorized, and restored.
  • Repack and deliver restored items to your home once it has been repaired.

Restoration companies use more advanced methods than, for example, dry cleaners, to restore damaged clothes. They can also restore fire- and flood-damaged materials. Hand-washing methods are used to clean water-sensitive items, while ultrasonic cleaning can remove soot from jewelry.

How Are Items Handled?

Any item that doesn’t require packing out will be secured and protected as the restoration crew works on your property. Otherwise:

  • Affected items are cleaned in place to prevent damage by acidic materials.
  • Smaller items like kitchenware are wrapped, boxed, and labeled.
  • Furniture, upholstery, and larger items are closely inspected for damage to determine how to proceed.

All items transported are packed, loaded, and secured per strict protocols. The company will constantly monitor the restoration process and inform you of its progress and the status of your claim. Once every item has been restored, all contents will be shipped back to you.

Pack Out and Your Insurance Claim

At Restorerz, we’re happy to help with your insurance claim to make the process easier. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after your home has been damaged. The following steps will help back your claim. 

  • Document all signs of flood and fire damage to prove the damage wasn’t caused by negligence. 
  • Take as many pictures as possible and submit them with your claim. 
  • Take a full inventory of damaged belongings, their original costs, and the estimated cost of replacing them.

The insurer should contact you within a day or two after receiving your information. It will then send an adjuster to your home to assess the extent of the damage. Ask them any questions about the process and the potential insurance payout. 

You should soon hear from your insurance company regarding an estimate. It may include terms such as actual cash value or the total amount needed for repairs, considering the original cost and quality of materials. The insurance estimate may factor in the loss of value due to depreciation. It can also include reimbursement for motel rooms, meals, and other living expenses.

What Does an Insurance Pack Out in Englewood Cost?

The cost of a pack-out service depends on how many items need to be removed, placed in storage, and restored. According to Angi, it can range from $800 to $10,000.1 Fortunately, most homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies cover emergency pack-out services. Restoration companies also often work alongside insurance providers and bill them directly. If you file a storm damage claim, the insurer will look at whether your roof has been properly maintained, as it will not cover damage caused by negligence.

Contact Restorerz to Learn More

Our team arrives within 60 minutes and takes a detailed inventory of items to remove before relocating them to our storage facility. We guarantee satisfaction and offer the most competitive pricing for pack-out and storage in Southern California. When you need help with insurance pack-out in Englewood or Los Angeles, you can reach us 24/7 by submitting your information online or calling 323-402-6156.

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