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What are the Dangers of Ignoring Biological Hazards

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A biological hazard, or biohazard, is any biological substance that threatens human health. From blood and fecal matter to bacteria, fungus, viruses, and mold, infectious materials in your home or business are dangerous to the well-being of anyone who enters. Regardless of whether they are present due to an accident, injury, crime, or other emergency, biohazards need prompt attention.

Ignoring biohazards can trigger a cascade of consequences, from serious illness to legal problems. Not following proper cleanup, decontamination, and disposal procedures can also result in severe consequences. Without the in-depth knowledge of appropriate techniques and the right tools and equipment, even your best effort to manage biological agents could make the problem worse.

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1. Individual Illness

Handling infectious materials like contaminated blood, vomit, bodily fluids, and fecal matter can spread disease. Pathogens that can make people ill can even contaminate personal items like clothing. Following protocols for handling and cleaning these materials can help prevent the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Biotoxins are another concern. Biotoxins are poisonous substances that come from plants, bacteria, animals, and other biological sources. Depending on the substance, reactions can occur even after short-term exposure. Ongoing exposure can cause more severe reactions and increase the resistance of toxins to decontamination efforts. Prompt management is crucial to preventing widespread reactions and illness.

Ignoring the potential for infection from a biological hazard can also put those cleaning up the mess at risk. Anyone who comes in contact with the contaminated materials is at risk for illness unless they have the proper personal protective equipment and training. Assigning or allowing someone without that knowledge to clean up can harm their health.

2. Community Spread of Disease 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of how biological hazards can cause the spread of disease throughout communities. Biological agents like viruses can spread rapidly, infecting anyone who comes in contact with them. Without effective management, these biological hazards create the possibility of widespread outbreaks that disrupt daily life.

It’s not just viruses that can cause a major illness outbreak, though. Mold spores can travel through the air and make people sick. Mold can come from poorly maintained HVAC systems, water damage, and other sources, creating a significant risk to human health. 

3. Lawsuits 

Ignoring biological hazards or not investing in proper cleanup can spell legal trouble, especially for businesses that put employees or customers at risk for health problems. You are responsible for protecting others’ well-being, and failing to do so can leave you vulnerable to costly lawsuits. You may be liable to pay damages to individuals who can prove their illness is due to your negligence in managing biohazards. 

Infectious materials require special handling, and not following protocols creates an ongoing risk. If you know a problem exists but choose to ignore it, the consequences will likely be more severe than if you take responsibility and proactively address the issue. Even if you clean and sanitize after incidents involving biological hazards, you may need more than those efforts to prevent a lawsuit. At the very least, you may face fines and fees from government agencies.

4. Environmental Hazards 

Biohazards present risks to human health but can also cause environmental concerns. Proper waste disposal is critical when it comes to biological agents. Items like hypodermic needles, contaminated clothing, and human waste require special handling to avoid the risk of spreading disease. In other words, biohazards don’t belong in regular business or household garbage. 

For example, hypodermic needles require special handling. Disposing of them in the regular garbage and not a sharps container can put others at risk for a puncture wound. In addition to causing injury, a needle contaminated with blood or other biological hazards can cause infection and illness.  

Improper disposal of biological hazards can contaminate soil, water, and plants. It can also make animals sick, furthering the spread of disease. Professional cleanup crews take all necessary precautions to ensure biohazards are contained, preventing these issues.

5. Health Code Violations 

If you run a business, you must comply with local health codes to ensure the safety of clients and employees, and ignoring a known biohazard is a serious violation. It can result in consequences ranging from fines to suspension of your business license. Even if the biological hazard is due to an accident or other emergency unrelated to your business, you’re responsible for cleanup to protect human health.

Calling a professional biohazard cleanup service ensures you comply with health codes. They will decontaminate and sanitize the area, ensuring it’s safe without putting your employees at risk. 

Get Help Managing Biological Hazards from the Professionals of Restorerz Emergency Services 

At this point, you might be asking, “What is biohazard cleanup, and how is it different from other cleaning?” Essentially, it’s a type of cleaning that takes into account the individual hazards and risks they cause and uses advanced cleaning, decontamination, and disposal methods to protect human health. It requires special techniques and equipment to eliminate danger and ensure compliance with all applicable safety codes and rules.

If you’re dealing with biological hazards in your home or business, you need help and fast. Don’t ignore the issue or wait to get help with it. Call the experts of Restorerz Emergency Services at (323) 997-4978, and a crew will arrive within 60 minutes to evaluate the situation and create a plan to address it. The infectious materials will be safely collected and disposed of, and you can rest easy knowing your space is clean and safe. 

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