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Your HVAC system circulates air in your home through a series of metal ducts. The ductwork is designed to keep heated and cooled air from escaping and prevent dirt, mold, dust, and other airborne particles from coming into your house. Unfortunately, mold is sometimes drawn into your residence or develops in parts of the HVAC equipment.

Recognizing the signs of mold in your ducts can help you to know when to call Restorerz – Emergency Services for our mold inspection and remediation services. If you have any of the physical symptoms associated with mold, you should also speak with your doctor to prevent any long-term effects. Prolonged exposure to mold spores can damage tissues in your sinuses, lungs, throat, and stomach.


The easiest way to determine if you have mold in your ducts is to perform an inspection, but this should only be done by an experienced technician. Mold is easy to breathe in and dangerous to your health. A professional mold technician from Restorerz – Emergency Services can safely inspect all of your ducts for signs of mold.

Because air from your ducts is circulated throughout your home, we will look for signs of mold in every room. If mold is found, we will put together a comprehensive plan to remove the mold and prevent any colonies from forming in the future.


Some types of mold look like black dust that’s typically found around the vents. The dust may be hard to remove with a sponge or damp cloth. This is black mold, and it is very dangerous to your health. Black mold can grow inside your house as well. It is typically found in areas where there is water, such as under your kitchen or bathroom sink, in your laundry room or shower, and around the plumbing for your dishwasher.

If you notice black mold in any area of your property, do not try to remove it on your own. Breathing the spores is dangerous. The best thing to do is call Restorerz – Emergency Services to schedule an appointment. We will safely remove black mold from inside your house and locate the source.


Molds have very distinctive smells that you may notice in one or more rooms. Black mold has a musty odor that gets worse over time. Other types of mold smell similar to sweaty clothes, decaying wood, soil, or urine. The aroma may be persistent, or you may only notice it when the HVAC system is running. The smell may even be strong enough to burn your nostrils or throat.


Mold needs moisture and darkness to grow and thrive into colonies. If you notice that the air inside your home feels humid or excessively moist, chances are that the problem is coming from your HVAC system. Mold not only needs moisture to thrive, but it also increases the humidity in the immediate environment. This creates the ideal environment for mold to grow in your ducts and other areas of your house.


Mold in your ducts causes a range of symptoms that are similar to normal allergies in Los Angeles. One of the most common is itchy, watery eyes.
If it is not your normal allergy season, or if your medications are not working the same, this may be a sign of mold in your ducts.


Do you feel sick to your stomach every time your HVAC system runs? Nausea is a common reaction to inhaling mold. When you breathe in the spores, it causes congestion. Your sinuses then drain into your stomach, and the mold spores can cause an unsettled stomach and/or nausea.


If you are having regular headaches at home, mold may be the problem. The spores inflame the lining of your sinuses, and this causes sinus pressure and headaches. You may also feel like your ears are clogged and have episodes of mild dizziness. Mold-related headaches also occur without any sense of sinus pressure or congestion.


Your body reacts to mold that is inhaled or ingested as an intruder, much like a virus or bacteria. The immune system is triggered to destroy the mold, and this requires a great deal of energy from your body. If you notice that you feel tired and fatigued at home, you may have mold in your ducts.

A good way to test this is to see how you feel away from home or when the HVAC system is not running. If you feel fine outside of your house, then it is time to schedule an inspection with Restorerz – Emergency Services.


If you notice an itchy throat and do not have a history of sinus or stomach problems, the issue may be mold spores that are circulated from inside your ducts. Mold irritates the soft mucous lining of your throat and causes mild inflammation, which leads to an itchy feeling. You may also be having a bit of acid reflux due to mold spores entering your stomach.


Breathing problems are another sign of mold inside the ducts of houses in Los Angeles. Mold spores can easily infiltrate the lining of the lungs. For people with healthy lungs, mold spores may cause an occasional cough that occurs when the HVAC system is running.

The health risks of mold are increased significantly for anyone who has a chronic lung condition, such as asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis. Mold spores can cause permanent damage to the lungs, so you should have your ducts inspected as soon as possible.


Mold spores live in colonies, and some of the spores can break free. In the realm of your HVAC system, this means that the spores come inside your house and find new places to colonize. Look for signs of mold on every surface, including on walls and ceilings, around pipes, and on your furniture and carpeting.

Because mold is so difficult to find, we recommend that you schedule an inspection with Restorerz – Emergency Services. Our technicians have the expertise to find mold colonies in your home, even those that are hidden in walls and ceilings. We will save you time and ensure that all mold is removed.


Restorerz – Emergency Services specializes in mold inspections and remediation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We will find the mold in your ducts and other areas of your home. After the mold is located, we will perform a thorough cleaning and remediation to eliminate it and prevent problems in the future.

We also offer restoration services after fire, water, and smoke damage, along with professional cleaning of your carpets and crawlspaces. Have an emergency? We can help! Restorerz – Emergency Services offers sewage cleanup, disaster response, biohazard cleanup, emergency plumbing services, and flood damage remediation. Be sure to ask about our pack-out and moving services as well. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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