September 16, 2021


Dolores is one of our amazing customers from Whittier, California that we have had the pleasure to serve, she has lung cancer and no coverage for mold damage in her home. Check out what our Operations Manager Eduard did for her and her home!


Before any demolition is done at the property it is thoroughly assessed by an IICRC Certified technician and it is tested for Lead & Asbestos. Once your test results come back we use that information to create our plan of action to see what is the least destructive way we can go about restoring your property back to pre-loss conditions. During the demo process, we use Industrial Grade HEPA Air Filtration Devices to make sure no cross-contamination occurs while we are working in your home. Once the labor portion of our work has been completed we spray everything down with Plant-Based antimicrobial and we set up your property to be dried to IICRC standards. We monitor the property every day to make sure we have created the ideal drying environment and we are drying your property in an expedited manner. Once your property has been deemed dry by our certified techs we come to pick up the equipment and do a final clean. If it is mold we are remediating we always offer our clients a post-clearance test by a third party to make sure that we have done our job properly.


Our newest moisture meters make it easier to tackle big water and mold remediation jobs or to rapidly assess moisture content in lumber and building materials–without leaving pin marks.


Our certified technicians are equipped with military-grade thermal imaging and the latest and greatest in moisture detecting technology to find out what the cause of loss is and make a professional remediation plan. We also use 3D Live Documentation because photos are great but with our 3D technology, you can see what we saw when we first got to the property.