how often should you replace smoke detectors

Does your home have fire damage? Contact Restorerz-Emergency Services in Los Angeles for reliable fire damage restoration. Smoke alarms and detectors are a staple in every home, so you might ask yourself, “How often should you replace smoke detectors?” Understanding when to replace these devices is integral to the safety of your family and property. …

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should carpet be replaced after water damage

If you’ve experienced flooding in any capacity, you might be wondering, “Should carpet be replaced after water damage?” Any type of excess water in your home requires professional water clean up. Any flooding or water damages can potentially to cause hazardous conditions and costly repairs for homeowners.  When it comes to treating wet carpet, the …

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what is biowaste

Do you need biowaste management or biohazard cleanup? Call Restorerz’s trusted restoration team at (800) 575-0348. What is biowaste? Biowaste is any biological material or organic matter that may pose a threat to the health of living creatures or organisms. As experts in biohazard cleanup in Los Angeles, our Restorerz team is here to explain what …

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