health risks after house fire

Are you dealing with smoke and soot damage after a house fire? Call Restorerz today at (323) 405-9208. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: a house fire endangering you and your loved ones, destroying precious memories and belongings. Burns and emotional distress aren’t the only health hazards related to the smoke and damage of a house fire.  …

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water damage on wood

Do you suspect water damage on your wood floors? Call Restorerz Emergency Services at (323) 973-2076 for an in-home consultation and water damage restoration. Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, with easy-to-clean surfaces and rich, warm colors. Your hardwood floors might be the pride of your home, but when leaks, floods, or …

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what types of microorganisms are considered a biological hazard

Do you need urgent biohazardous materials disposal in Los Angeles? Call Restorerz Emergency Services at (323) 997-4978 for speedy, professional services. With uncountable numbers of microscopic organisms on earth, it’s important to distinguish between harmless and harmful microorganisms. Thanks to centuries of research, we know more about these organisms and can now separate them. So, …

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