Flood Damage Cleanup Team in Los AngelesFlood damage can come from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or excessive rainfall. The layers of damage that can be caused by flooding is overwhelming. It’s imperative to act quickly but take precautions to ensure safety due to structural instability and potential mold.

Floodwater is highly contaminated and is considered “Category 3” water, which means it contains dangerous microbes, bacteria, and other biohazardous chemicals. Leaving the situation up to experts is important for the safety of you and others.

  • Fast Water Extraction
  • Contents Salvaging
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Help With Insurance Claims
  • Debris Removal

These restorations can range for minor fixes to major repairs, such as replacing walls or carpets.

Highly Skilled Flood Damage Specialists in Los Angeles, CADamage from flooding is covered by insurance in some instances. It may be a good idea to call a professional restoration company first to help you determine if there is a viable claim to present to your insurance company. Restorerz - Emergency Services specializes in successfully managing property damage insurance claims for the homeowner.

We have highly skilled specialists who help with flood damage cleaning and work to eliminate odor. Lastly, we have certified project managers who oversee the project, keeping everything on track, on budget and making sure all safety measures are taken. Let us help you begin the process of rebuilding and renewal.

What to Do After Flooding

If you find yourself in a flooded situation – don’t panic! Here are some measures you can take to help alleviate damage before we get there to properly and safely clean up after severe flood damage.

  • Make sure you mop up and access water.
  • Place electronics up to dry in a safe spot.
  • Hang up clothes or other upholstery items and prop up furniture that needs to be dried out.
  • Any special belongings should be removed to a safer place.
  • Use a fan after initial clean up to help the drying process.
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