Crawl Space Cleanup in Los AngelesCrawl spaces are often overlooked by homeowners as an integral part of your home’s interior environment. After all, we don’t go down there unless we have to. Wet crawl spaces, however, can cause many troubling issues for other parts of the property if not dried out.

Signs of Issues with Your Crawl Space:

Musty odors, high humidity, cold floors, high heating or cooling costs, rotting around the floors, are all indications that something below the surface of your floors is not alright.

When To Call a Crawl Space Expert

  • A leaky pipe, especially from ground floor plumbing, can cause an accumulation of water in your crawl space.
  • Heavy rains or localized flooding can also affect the crawl space cavities under your house if the foundation has even small fractures or the concrete sealing has degraded.
  • You notice a musty odor. Dirt floors in a crawl space should not emit an odor if dry, but a foundation slab that isn’t properly sealed can also begin to have a noticeable scent due to the buildup of bacteria from rainwater. The odors in your crawl space will rise into the living areas of the home.

Crawl Space Mitigation & Cleaning

  • Remove Standing Water With Powerful Water Extractors
  • Identify the Source of the Excess Moisture & Repair Source If Necessary
  • Remove Any Accumulated Debris and Organic Material That Can Harbor Bacteria or Microbes
  • Use Industrial-Grade Dehumidifiers Throughout the Crawl Space to Dry the Area to Safe Moisture Levels
  • Isolate the Area If Mold Is Present & Begin Mold Remediation Protocols
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